Interpreting projects

Take a look at the projects I took part in as an interpreter and linguistic assistant:

Interpreter in EU project against gender-based violence

English/Italian liaison interpreter in an ERASMUS+ project involving Italy, Slovenia, France, Portugal, and Germany to combat Violence against Women.

“Darsi Parola”, conference interpreter for “Scuola di Politica dei centri antiviolenza” 2017

English/Italian conference interpreter for activist Nicki Norman (Women’s Aid) in Scuola di politica dei Centri Antiviolenza DiRE, 2017

Co-creative Transactional Analysis Conferences with Keith Tudor

Interpreter for conferences, workshops, and supervisions by Keith Tudor, Head of School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies at AUT University, NZ

Transactional Analysis World Conference, Berlin 2017

Conference interpreter for some of the speakers at the TA World Conference organised by DGTA, EATA, ITAA and FTAA in Berlin, July 27th-29th 2017.

“Working At The Relational Edge of Evidence”

Interpreter for EATA & IARTA Theory Development & Research Conference, London, July 2018

EU PopuLLar project, learning languages through music

Interpreter in the Italian meeting of “PopuLLar”, a EU project designed to harness music, the primary social interest of secondary school students, in to their language learning.

Hi, I’m Giulia.

After graduating from the Bologna University’s School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation, I grew a passion for counselling, and completed a 3-year master course in Transactional Analysis. Along the way, I have had the chance to interpret in many events, congresses, and pieces of training, becoming aware of how important it is for professionals to have the right interpreter, especially in the therapy room, as well as in all situations in which psychology and social factors are involved. I also love translating in the field, which I do in a tiny studio that I share with my two cats, Rocky and Wall-e. Write me, let me know what your needs are. I will be happy to cooperate with you.

You can find me on…

P.IVA 02177170509

…let’s keep in touch!