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Quality translations

Need to translate a text from English or German into Italian? Ask for a free quote or get more detailed information about my work.


My main aim is to deliver translations that are perfectly crafted for your purpose, delivered on time and at prices suited to your needs. I translate into Italian many kinds of content. I mainly work on editorial texts such as essays, articles, press releases, but I am experienced in the translation of contracts and business communication, websites and apps.

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Interpreting services for meetings and events

Whether you want to get the most out of a workshop abroad, or your organization is hosting a conference, inviting relevant keynote speakers, don’t leave anything to chance.
The right interpreter can do the difference for you and your audience.

Contact me. As an interpreter, I accompany you to meetings, negotiations and conferences. I carefully study the issues and the documentation relating to your needs, then I perform your translation employing different techniques (liaison, whispered, consecutive) appropriate to your specific purposes. We can even schedule a mock speech!get a free quote



Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Long-term business cooperations, international projects, exchange programmes: you can rely on a traveling linguistic assistant in all situations that require continuous support in terms of written and oral communication with another country. From writing presentations and outlining your speech, to arranging accomodation and facilities in three languages, there is a wide range of aspects in which I will support you in developing your projects and business network.

I am available to work on the move, traveling and accompanying you and your team on international business relations.

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Interpreting projects

Interpreter in EU project against gender-based violence

English/Italian liaison interpreter in an ERASMUS+ project involving Italy, Slovenia, France, Portugal, and Germany to combat Violence against Women.

“Darsi Parola”, conference interpreter for “Scuola di Politica dei centri antiviolenza” 2017

English/Italian conference interpreter for activist Nicki Norman (Women’s Aid) in Scuola di politica dei Centri Antiviolenza DiRE, 2017

Co-creative Transactional Analysis Conferences with Keith Tudor

Interpreter for conferences, workshops, and supervisions by Keith Tudor, Head of School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies at AUT University, NZ

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Hi, I’m Giulia.

After graduating from the Bologna University’s School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation, I grew a passion for counselling, and completed a 3-year master course in Transactional Analysis. Along the way, I have had the chance to interpret in many events, congresses, and pieces of training, becoming aware of how important it is for professionals to have the right interpreter, especially in the therapy room, as well as in all situations in which psychology and social factors are involved. I also love translating in the field, which I do in a tiny studio that I share with my two cats, Rocky and Wall-e. Write me, let me know what your needs are. I will be happy to cooperate with you.

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P.IVA 02177170509

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